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Funny props !

I like small easter eggs hiden in animated movies and I think we don’t have enough funny props on blendswap, so here is one inspired by a real Linux washing powder :

Lessive LinuxTexture was redrawn in Inkscape.

You can download it on blendswap here !


Well, one year without posting on this blog, busy with lot of things (family, MOOC, online classes, work…). But I am still practicing 3D, and I actually found some time to post things on G+ and not here. 3Doodle of this weekend, which is making a great wallpaper :

Feather McGrawSo it’s time to get back in the game !

Audio Visualization in Blender

This is my new wallpaper (looks great on lightdm) :

LightdmI ended with it after following this great tutorial by Blender Cookie.

The shape is generated from a track by Mogwai (friend of the night) and the glowing rainbow colors are at the opposite of the mood of the music video.

The process is quite interesting, and it makes me working in python, so I will do some similar pictures in near future, trying to catch the spirit of the song with the shapes and the colors.

Here you can get the WQHD picture if you want.

Katanas in cycles

I just released a katana model under CC-BY licence on blendswap.

You will find it here.

hd_wallpaper_katanasIt is just one of the thing I wanted to model one day, and it was a good way to keep practicing as I am more in changing baby diapers than rigging and animating those last 4 months 🙂

Break time, more learning…

So WS4 is over, and I need to work more on acting and facial animation before going to WS5. It was quite hard, and my off-screen life didn’t help neither… At the beginning, I was planning to go back to iAnimate in September, but it will be later. Not enough time…

So during this long break, more animation, a bit of python, a bunch of rigging (I want to animate my own characters in blender), some modeling, and some rendering tests of old shots (a move towards cycles perhaps).

So let’s go by listing some resources for learning python :

And some useful resources for learning rigging :

You can find a lot of rigs for blender in blendswap, and the rigify auto-rigging addon by Nathan Vegdahl is a great one too. I personally like the eleven rig for its simplicity, which has been ported to blender by Kiopaa.

Just in order to put a picture in this post, here is a prop I made for a shot :