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MyPaint to teach the basics of drawing to children

Ok, here is a description of one part of my work, teaching things I am still learning ! In this case, digital drawing (or painting if you prefer, and I think you learn about it all your life).

The objective of this post is to give some ideas to people wishing to introduce school children to digital painting but who are a little scared or don’t know where to start !

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More shaking !

Finally I have drawn a side view and started the 3D modeling of this silly “animal” (I need a name for him)… I changed my mind on hands because it would be nice to have him grab things and perform some great acting. I have nothing to show as it is in an early stage. iAnimate is going to take me more time as we just have started to work with TOTS (thing on the spring) and next assignments will certainly require much more time to get some nice animation.

Shake it to wake it !

This drawing came into my mind while looking at my cat which was waiting for the food… It has the same attitude, and a very close silhouette (close to a famous soda bottle too).

I don’t know if I will do a 3D version, but it could be fun to animate with all this fat and this silly face…

Done with Inkscape.

Hello world !

Hello world and happy new year !

Petite explication pour les réfractaires à la langue de Shakespeare : j’ai choisi d’utiliser l’anglais parce que je commence une formation en animation dans une semaine avec iAnimate où tous les échanges se font en anglais. Je ferai peut-être une deuxième installation en parallèle de WordPress en français si je trouve le temps, mais rien n’est moins sûr…

As I did not want to post without any material, here is a quick painting done with MyPaint to wish you an happy new year.