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Muybridge as a reference in blender in less than 5 minutes !

As an animator, you need some references for motion, and luckily the great work of Eadweard Muybridge is floating all around on the Internet (it is in Public Domain in most countries)…

So you have found this nice board showing pictures of a running cat, and you are curious to see how it feels animated, you want to study it in motion…

By using an orthographic camera, the addon “import images as planes” and the auto-key feature of blender, you can very quickly translate the plane frame by frame in camera view (click for animation) :cat_muybridge_in_blender Here is a gif made with gimp from the opengl render output of blender : camera view catAnd here you will find the blend with the texture packed !

2013 already !

Seems we are in 2013 now ! Cool, we made it (yeah, the Mayas were wrong, haha !)

So what’s new ? Approved for WS4 which is starting right now, quite exciting as we are going into facial acting (I have never done lipsync, so it’s going to be quite tricky).

I haven’t fully polished my WS3 assignments yet, so I will come back to them later. There is so much to do as I want to render the whole thing with good lighting and good shaders… And I have a lot of things to model around. This small truck for example was one of the things I was needing, and I decided to release it under CC-BY licence. You can download it here. And here is a short render in order to test the rig and lights (the shot in which it will appear is all by night)

So one year at Ianimate ! It has gone so fast and I learned so many things, it’s really awesome !

WS2 Progress Reel

Approved for WS3 !

So let’s get more black coffee as it is getting harder !

By the way, here is my progress reel, still a work-in-progress, it will be improved during next weeks. I have also to do a quadruped animation, which is hard and fun !