Reworking an old work…

I have made in 2008 for my work a small robot based on a Mac Classic design which we are using to make illustrations for our events (original concept from my colleague and friend S├ębastien Lasserre). It was also an opportunity to improve my skills in blender and to learn a bit about rigging and animation.

As you can see, it started with a very ugly model and a very bad lighting.




Then I quickly refined the model and materials, added an armature, better lights, and it was time to do some poses with him.




As blender is offering an all new rendering engine called cycles (which is really great), I gave it a try last week and it seemed obvious that design could be improved.

So here is the new one with a mouth, and some tests on shapekeys and mesh deformations.

And I hope to have the time to make a little animation with him…

More shaking !

Finally I have drawn a side view and started the 3D modeling of this silly “animal” (I need a name for him)… I changed my mind on hands because it would be nice to have him grab things and perform some great acting. I have nothing to show as it is in an early stage. iAnimate is going to take me more time as we just have started to work with TOTS (thing on the spring) and next assignments will certainly require much more time to get some nice animation.