Katanas in cycles

I just released a katana model under CC-BY licence on blendswap.

You will find it here.

hd_wallpaper_katanasIt is just one of the thing I wanted to model one day, and it was a good way to keep practicing as I am more in changing baby diapers than rigging and animating those last 4 months 🙂

Break time, more learning…

So WS4 is over, and I need to work more on acting and facial animation before going to WS5. It was quite hard, and my off-screen life didn’t help neither… At the beginning, I was planning to go back to iAnimate in September, but it will be later. Not enough time…

So during this long break, more animation, a bit of python, a bunch of rigging (I want to animate my own characters in blender), some modeling, and some rendering tests of old shots (a move towards cycles perhaps).

So let’s go by listing some resources for learning python :

And some useful resources for learning rigging :

You can find a lot of rigs for blender in blendswap, and the rigify auto-rigging addon by Nathan Vegdahl is a great one too. I personally like the eleven rig for its simplicity, which has been ported to blender by Kiopaa.

Just in order to put a picture in this post, here is a prop I made for a shot :


2013 already !

Seems we are in 2013 now ! Cool, we made it (yeah, the Mayas were wrong, haha !)

So what’s new ? Approved for WS4 which is starting right now, quite exciting as we are going into facial acting (I have never done lipsync, so it’s going to be quite tricky).

I haven’t fully polished my WS3 assignments yet, so I will come back to them later. There is so much to do as I want to render the whole thing with good lighting and good shaders… And I have a lot of things to model around. This small truck for example was one of the things I was needing, and I decided to release it under CC-BY licence. You can download it here. And here is a short render in order to test the rig and lights (the shot in which it will appear is all by night)

So one year at Ianimate ! It has gone so fast and I learned so many things, it’s really awesome !

WS2 Progress Reel

Approved for WS3 !

So let’s get more black coffee as it is getting harder !

By the way, here is my progress reel, still a work-in-progress, it will be improved during next weeks. I have also to do a quadruped animation, which is hard and fun !

Old and new…

Last year, I finished a still image for a poster contest.

The keys to Bayonne





Unfortunately it wasn’t good enough to be selected, but friends and colleagues saw it and asked me to do one for the “semaine bleue”, an event for elderly people where they can do for free a lot of different activities. This is what I ended up with :

There are a lot of things I would like to improve, but I am working on my animation assignments so I will leave it like that for the moment…

All done with blender and gimp.


Tara salt flat

I just come back from Chile, where I had some great time (very great country and people) and I took 12 photos of Tara salt flat, in order to make a wide one. It was very inspiring and unfortunately this panorama can’t communicate the immensity and the beauty of this place… I used the last version of Hugin to merge the 12 pictures, and it worked like a charm !

Reworking an old work…

I have made in 2008 for my work a small robot based on a Mac Classic design which we are using to make illustrations for our events (original concept from my colleague and friend Sébastien Lasserre). It was also an opportunity to improve my skills in blender and to learn a bit about rigging and animation.

As you can see, it started with a very ugly model and a very bad lighting.




Then I quickly refined the model and materials, added an armature, better lights, and it was time to do some poses with him.




As blender is offering an all new rendering engine called cycles (which is really great), I gave it a try last week and it seemed obvious that design could be improved.

So here is the new one with a mouth, and some tests on shapekeys and mesh deformations.

And I hope to have the time to make a little animation with him…