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Ball rig with squash and stretch for 2.80

The rig is based on the 2D ball rig from Nathan Vegdhal explained in his rigging course “humane rigging” available on the blender cloud. I have just added a second pole for stretch and squash at the base of the ball.

Small truck, reloaded

I did a render of this old model using Wide Dynamic Rendering.

small-trcuk-filmicI used the filmic set from Troy Sobotka. No desaturation on highlights yet in this set. He is currently working on it and considering the improvement of this one, it will be certainly gorgeous.

Funny props !

I like small easter eggs hiden in animated movies and I think we don’t have enough funny props on blendswap, so here is one inspired by a real Linux washing powder :

Lessive LinuxTexture was redrawn in Inkscape.

You can download it on blendswap here !