2013 already !

Seems we are in 2013 now ! Cool, we made it (yeah, the Mayas were wrong, haha !)

So what’s new ? Approved for WS4 which is starting right now, quite exciting as we are going into facial acting (I have never done lipsync, so it’s going to be quite tricky).

I haven’t fully polished my WS3 assignments yet, so I will come back to them later. There is so much to do as I want to render the whole thing with good lighting and good shaders… And I have a lot of things to model around. This small truck for example was one of the things I was needing, and I decided to release it under CC-BY licence. You can download it here. And here is a short render in order to test the rig and lights (the shot in which it will appear is all by night)

So one year at Ianimate ! It has gone so fast and I learned so many things, it’s really awesome !